Denver Modern Offices present cutting-edge office spaces to the world like never before. Marked by sleek style, linear structure, and streamlined simplicity, Denver Modern Offices set the tone for all others to follow.

Denver Metro is brimming with innovation, creativity, and endless opportunity. We feel that the offices that occupy it should represent that. 

Mirroring the evolution of Denver, these modern offices stay ahead-of-the-curve with a contemporary design that’s recognizable, admirable, and memorable. On top of that, these modernistic spaces bring in the beauty of the Colorado landscape, with wide open windows, doors, and balconies throughout.

These state-of-the-art modern office suites are recognized for their linear forms and innovative use of space. With sharp edges and defined lines, these modern architectural masterpieces are often admired for their one-of-a-kind silhouette. Featuring open mezzanines that bring in the great outdoors, take your work outside to enjoy the majestic mountain views.

Fusing the simplicity of Colorado’s natural surroundings with the contemporary edge of Metro Denver, these modern offices stand out from the pack. Find your one-of-a-kind company’s new home, at our one-of-a-kind offices.

The architects and developers behind Denver Modern Offices have been nationally recognized for their groundbreaking work, with features in the New York Times, Denver Business Journal, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, and beyond. Their residential work has been awarded the coveted Home of the Year” by Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine and The Home Builders Association for two separate projects. 

Denver Modern OfficeDenver Modern Offices


Denver Modern Office suites are environmentally-conscious and forward-thinking, with many offices receiving the green-certified” stamp of approval. 

With forward-thinking systems like net-zero energy technology, Denver Modern Offices raise the bar for sustainability, environmental consciousness, and community advancement.

Simply put, net-zero buildings are buildings that have a yearly energy usage of 0. How is this possible?

By creating solar covered parking structures for several of our available offices for sale, natural sunlight is absorbed and transferred, stimulating energy creation and harnessing the powers of renewable energy. Several Denver Modern Office suites for sale utilize the energy-saving solutions of net-zero technology, giving you the power to save money, energy, and valued resources.

On top of the endless value of solar energy, our covered parking structures are intelligently designed with electric car charging stations. By staying up-to-date on the latest green energy efforts, our signature Denver Modern Offices expand the possibilities for all who inhabit them.

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Denver Modern Offices

The universal appeal of a Denver Modern Office extends far beyond the concrete walls and glass doors that comprise it. In fact, the reason for such a stunning exterior is to reflect the beauty of what takes place inside.

With free open spaces that allow you to divide, design, and create as you wish, your modern office can be set up the way you’ve always dreamed.

For creatives with a passion for collaboration, leave the space open to allow your thoughts to develop and evolve. For fast-paced business with a growing sales department, create individual spaces and cubicles that break up the space and allow for private conversation. For entrepreneurs looking to impress potential investors and leads, assemble your very own conference room that’s the focal point of your modern office.

No matter where your business goals lie, Denver Modern Offices have the space to get you there. And with our glossy glass walls, doors, and balconies, there’s endless ways to bring the mountain views right to your desk. Bring your team outside for a brainstorming session to recharge the batteries, or position the creative staff near the open glass doors to encourage fresh ideas.

With Denver Modern Offices as your business’s new home, your employees will recharge, regroup, and revitalize their passions, boosting productivity and potential revenue. And since their new work home will be at the most sought-after offices in the mile-high city, they’ll have a fresh new environment to take in and enjoy, encouraging employee retention and reducing turnover.

Denver Modern OfficeDenver Modern OfficeDenver Modern OfficesDenver Modern OfficeDenver Modern Office


Our expert team of award-winning architects and developers spend months pinpointing the ideal location for a new Denver Modern Office, discovering the most ideal environment for business to thrive. 
With developing projects in the growing Denver suburbs of Westminster and Louisville, your business can find its home on the outskirts of the mile-high city, avoiding clustered commuter traffic and astronomical property rates. 
Denver Modern Office

Westminster and Louisville are ever-growing professional environments, with community activities, marketplaces, restaurants, and meeting spaces surrounding your new office.

Several Denver Modern Offices have been specifically designed for Westminster, Colorado, due its booming business district. With over 64% of employees working in professional, sales/service, and management occupations, your company can find its home among other working-class citizens. In fact, with 47,966 total employees in Westminster alone, your business can expand and extend its reach to a new economy, connecting with potential investors, leads, and partnerships nearby. And, its prime location is almost perfectly centered between Denver and Boulder, giving you easy access to Colorado’s biggest cities.

On top of the thriving business to be found in Westminster, your new modern office suite is surrounded by stunning mountain views and natural landscape, giving your business the freedom to explore and adventure without traveling far. With 3,163 acres of open space, 145 miles of trails, 60 developed parks, 5 golf courses, and 6 recreation centers, your employees don’t have to give up their active lifestyle for a 9-to-5. Spend your lunch break exploring the nearby parks, take a company bonding day trip to the local parks, and even cycle to work on the bike paths along US-36. With as gorgeous a landscape as the Colorado Front Range, it’s important to enjoy the view. And with Denver Modern Offices, you can take in the unobstructed mountain views and get to business at the same time.

Louisville is another thriving city with endless opportunity. The Collective at Colorado Tech Center was designed as a mecca for business growth and success, with your modern office suite finding its home in the most sought-after business center in town. Home to leading manufacturers and top businesses, the Colorado Tech Center is truly the place to be in Louisville. Create lasting business networks with your neighbors, meet your professional goals, and enjoy the growing community value of Louisville. Just 15 minutes away from the thriving city of Boulder, you can quickly connect with top local businesses with easy access to US-36.

No matter where your Denver Modern Office is found, you can rest easy and work hard, knowing its location was strategically selected to help your business thrive. With endless opportunity, booming business, and surrounding community activity, your Denver Modern Office won’t just be your new place of work, but your new home.

Denver Modern Offices